Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cy Twombly

Carl and I started looking more and more at the non-traditional art in museums and less and less at the earlier   conventional works.  Carl was interested in what we call the "zip guy."  We saw the room of 100,000 where the artist got his endowment grant and got it in one dollar bills and papered the museum with it.  We saw the film of  the man who filmed every minute of the last year of his life. We saw about 30 tv monitors showing him taking out the trash, writing, reading eating and sleeping. Sort of like what you thought Keifer Sutherland should have been doing at least one of those days on 24.  We saw postmodernists and deconstructionists and abstract expressionists and then we spent time in the Cy Twombly room.

To appreciate this piece you have to look at the Twombly room , 50 Days of Ilium, at the museum or at least online.  Whether you hate it or love it , I can assure you that , as a teacher, they will talk about the pictures and their feelings and their connections to the story of Troy. They will also remember his name. They will remember that a few years ago in Europe a woman was overcome at the enormous artistic beauty of the painting and kissed it, defacing it with her lipstick which, I believe led to an arrest, and also to much discussion about how to fix it. It was finally decided,the last I read, it would be sent here for restoration.

I can't believe how many people facebooked me the day Twombly died,and for the Twombly lovers out there, his family is considering an entire museum or gallery dedicated to him.

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