Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lance, Al Jess, Jaimie, Brian, Tim , Ryan, etc I am just like a mom

Okay I admit it freely; do something important or artistic or anything positive i hear about it and I may as well be your Mom. This week Lance Bangs (HC90) outdid himself by doing a parody of Simon and Simon, a tv show some of us actually remember.  He also made fun of awards ceremonies and filming in less than 15 minutes on adult swim; he had Adam Scott, Gus van Sant , Jon Hamm and of course who can make a film of any sort without Paul Rudd.

I am also proud of having Patrick Maley's (2002? or 2001) dissertation on tragedy dedicated in part to me.

Allison and Jessica Hayes Conroy(1999) dedicated their book, South Jersey Under the Stars.

Catherine Buck (2010) has done do gooding work for two years in Africa and also two in Mississippi.
More students than I can possibly name from memory have put in two years of work in Mississippi for Katrina victims.

Dr. Brian Zanoni (1993) has spent at least 5 years in South Africa working with pediatric AIDS patients.

Jamie Moffett has made a film narrated by Martin Sheen called Return to El Salvador and also had been doing documentaries and revitalizations of the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia.

Timothy Kolesk(2000) is a production assistant on Community.

Ryan Cummings (2003) is as assistant at ABC.

I am sure I am leaving out many and I will keep adding things to this list.

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