Friday, September 21, 2012

1987-88 Bad Tie Friday, dedicated to Lance Bangs

This is dedicated to Lance Bangs who is turning 40. I had Lance along with 32 other boys in my English 2 class in 1987-8 when I was pregnant; I had 5 girls in that class. After awhile I noticed Lance and about 4-5 other boys always had some really bad or odd ties on usually on Fridays, so one day I asked if today was bad tie Friday. Indeed it was and they had been waiting for someone to notice; a
fter that I was the unofficial judge some weeks. They spent a lot of time at this. There were big 60s and 70s ties, little skinny ties, bow ties one week, western ties another. Loud bright colors from the 70s and somber ones from earlier Mad Men days. They often had a theme. I had Lance again senior year; he was still quirky and funny and intelligent. I remember him saying he wanted to do films and me thinking if anyone could it would be him.

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