Friday, September 21, 2012

Food Fights Part 2 --1994 class

Food fights--Part 2--1994. We rarely had a food fight but in 1994, it was near the end of the year, I strolled into the cafeteria at the beginning of senior lunch on some business. I was probably chasing /nagging someone for work or checking up on someone I was mentoring. I thought it a bit quieter than normal but not that unusual, conducted my business and left. I couldn't have been about ten o
r twenty steps down the hall when the football players threw food. Upon arrival later in the day in my class, I made the comment that I narrowly escaped the food. They told me that that was no narrow escape. They were getting ready to throw when I entered the cafeteria and they saw me and signaled the others to wait until I left. I don't know if it was out of respect for me or if it was because earlier in the year, they asked me what I would do if I were ever hit by food and I said that I wore good professional clothes to work, and if they were to ruin them, I would file an assault charge.

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