Saturday, September 22, 2012

Brodies 2010

By 2010 I had a huge group of kids that I loved  and who spent almost every flex period at HC with me. On a low day there were maybe a dozen, an average day, maybe twenty-five and a big day like when we were working on Homecoming, maybe seventy-five.  People would come in and say, "How can you stand the noise?"  I didn't notice it.  Good time noise means nothing to me. The only time it bothered me was immediately after the two severe concussions sustained after the tree fell twice on me in 2009.  I started calling them the Brodie girls and they often borrowed the movie. One came back quite shocked because as she put it "it wasn't the inspirational teacher movie she expected it to be." No wonder she got a 5 on my AP Lang test;she got it completely. And she managed to use Harry Potter on her AP test as well.
They were my Brodies and they made me an album of them at the end of the year with photos and letters to me that I treasure and they call me their Brodie girls and guys.  They got quotes from the film that applied. We ignored her silliness.  They will always be my Brodies. There are some in most classes ; 1999 has quite a few as I recall.

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