Friday, September 21, 2012

The Nurse in Romeo and Juliet--the best part for more than one reason

Subtle ways to get even with nudges in class. My suggestion is to buy your time. There is always a way. For example, if I were doing Romeo and Juliet I would play the Nurse and make sure the pest was her servant or maybe if he could read or act Mercutio, at some point, I got to say something like "Out upon you." and heap some other insults which I would do while swatting them with my book while i
n character of course. This often led to applause and once in awhile the kid in question would say, "I got picked for this on purpose."Yep.

Also I played the Nurse because she was so hard to read. I can't act,but I can ham it up. In 1993 I had Jen and she was a great student; she had gotten herself transferred in while others were fleeing. I had seen her do Abigail Williams in her sophomore history class and was amazed.  She desperately wanted to be the Nurse; she saw it as the fun part; I said there are two of us who can read Juliet and the Nurse; you are younger; you are stuck with Juliet.  

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