Friday, September 28, 2012

first days

I am really waxing nostalgic when I say I miss the smell of a high school. They all have that high school smell. I also love when I used to buy all the new markers, tacks, paper clips, bags of candy and new items to start the year. I never felt ready until the bulletin boards were up and everyone's name was learned at the end of the first day. I figure I might have a week before everyone starts 
yelling enough already at me.

Once I wasn't going to learn all the names the first day because I was sick and we weren't on block and we still had homeroom and study hall (so 150 students , plus 30 ish homeroom and 25 or so in study) and fortunately there is my repeat business so they all were not new but most were and I thought to myself I am too sick to do this and they came in first period saying, "you got to do the names, we hear you do all the names the first day, you have to see her do this." I did the names. No one probably realizes that's the hardest day of the year for me. I hate not knowing names and doing them all and connecting them to all those people requires a lot of concentrating and thinking. Besides that names are power and miscreants would run to guidance after the first day of English 4 , if they hadn't been there already , trying to get out with the argument that they couldn't have me bc I already knew their names. Maybe tomorrow's post will be ways people tried to get out of my class and maybe even how a few actually got out.

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