Friday, September 14, 2012

Fall 1978--1st English 101 classes

Because I was just 22 and teaching English 101, I dressed as professionally as possible. This was not just because they were mostly just 4 years younger; it was also because I was still getting mistaken for an early high school kid. (At 26, a Brother at St Louis Bertrand was shocked I was old enough to have a driver's license).  At the time I did not have my trademark bob, instead I had what I had for years before that, I had waist length perfectly straight Mod Squad 70s hair. My friend used to iron hers on the ironing board (sometimes with my help) in order to straighten hers more (no ceramic flat irons at this time).  To look more professional, it got braided and then twisted into a ballet bun and I wore a dress and dress shoes and carried a brief case. I wore my contacts cause I hated glasses (I still do--except for my Guccis which were worth the blooming fortune they cost since they didn't break or fall off when the tree hit them and me).

By late Sept or early Oct, I am sick with my customary allergies and sinus infection and its raining and humid and I can't bear getting dressed up, so I head at with the hair down to my waist instead of the braided ballet bun, the wire rims on instead of the contracts, the jeans instead of the dress, and the converse instead of the high heels.  I got ready to start class, and several people asked where Ms Wright was and was I subbing for her. I had to break it to them that I wasn't subbing for her, I was she.

Another time I was waiting to get into a 9 o'clock class to teach and the 8 o'clock teacher was running late, so I was standing with a group of freshmen including one who was just finally showing up for the first time in several weeks to class. She asked me how the teacher was, and I told her she was great but not that easy.  Still not sure she was awake enouigh to realize I was the teacher, even after I started teaching that day.

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