Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to use an exclamation point

Exclamation points are used rarely, especially in formal writing, and those of you in some years in particular can probably recite the following rule about multiple ones:
Multiple exclamation points are only used if you write for a tabloid or a boy band magazine.

Sister G used to leave me notes with them on the board and she would come in to class of 2000 and they would start on the rule above,so she told them one day she was going to get even because I had busted her down to freshman English the following year for it.  So, she and I burned some paper and put the ashes in a baggie. The next day she wheeled in (she was in a wheelchair at that point for knee issues) and she was taller than me with her sitting, me standing so the incongruity was automatically funny, and she starts yelling at two of the boys that this was their NHS acceptance letters,and I am yelling back that I had tried to stop her and I had fought for them but I lost bc she was bigger and vice-principal. Those were the days.

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