Friday, September 28, 2012


Fess up former honors 2 kids and I know some of these culprits by name. One student asked where a soldier kept his spare bayonets. I said he has one. One????? Astonishment sets in. I look around room and can tell others are shocked there is only one. Then he says, "It is a one shot deal?'" I said when I stopped laughing so hard I was crying, "What do you think it is , a spear gun? You all watch t
oo much stuff like Terminator." Then I explain it fastens to the musket and does not go whizzing across the field that you get to run and poke someone with it. This is followed by, "Then why would someone run from it?" I said that the musket is my size and you put three more feet of bayonet , someone is running with an 8 foot weapon pointed at you. I said that they would get it when the Vannais came and would demonstrate. Mr. leon Vannais would put the bayonet on the end of the musket, step towards someone and he or she would immediately step back. I said that's why they run. They want out of his way and he is here demonstrating for my class.

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