Thursday, September 20, 2012

You can't be Ms. Peters, can you?

For about 8 years I was in 103B and Senor was in 103A.  If you went down the hall it would make more sense if it were the other way around, so people would come into that tiny tiny room I had on back to school night.  Invariably some couple would stick their heads in at some point before things started, look around and say, "We are in the wrong room. "
I would remind them that 103 A was next door and go on. Midway through the presentation they would come back, stick their heads in and say (every single time for 8 years), "You can't be Ms. Peters can you?"
"Yes, I can."
Afterwards they would stay after and say that I didn't look like they expected.  They told me their kid was afraid of me and I would laugh. They expected someone louder, taller, wider and meaner and all they got was a slightly more than five foot Southern Belle, causing them some confusion. I would have to say reputation and size don't have to match.

This happened so many times, people would come in , I would send them to the other room, and then tell the rest of  the parents, they will be back; they can't believe this is what I look like. Then ,as  if on cue, they would return and the routine would finish.

I worked into my back to school speech for a few years.

I had parents who laughed at their sons for saying they were scared of me because they had "seen that woman."


  1. Enjoying all the stories!
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