Friday, September 28, 2012


We are at the dinner table and I ask Carl what he is thinking about. This is generally a mistake. I also want to let you know that if a man says "Nothing" that's truly what they are thinking of. I have been telling teenage girls for decades that they are not being evasive, that unlike women, men can completely blank out their minds, and frequently do. In some cases , more than others.

"What are you thinking about?"

He looks like he is the President trying to decide whether or not to drop the bomb. I age and get grayer by the minute waiting for the answer.


Okay, what does this mean? Time to leave now. Not enough time. Time for a tv show to come on.  Time for work.  Or The time space continuum.

As frightening as this may be, I know which one of these he is thinking about. It is the time space continuum. For probably 15 years he has been reading physics for Lit people and theology and science together. He never reads anything light; he reads non-fiction, serious fiction, Shakespeare.

Once we were waiting for the trailers before a movie and he started to explain what he knows about string theory which interests me less him being fashionable interests him.  Fortunately, the trailers began and I could divert our atttention.

Mrs. Camp says that in their house "that is going into Tom world," and that I should snap my fingers at him and say, "Carl world, get out of Carl world."

In our house, it is generally called "pulling a Carl."

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